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Ghost Tours and Market Reports

oooOOOOOoooooo! With mortgage rates, low inventory, and ghosts of market's past, it truly is spooky season. Scroll through my list of the top ghost tours from Denver to Fort Collins and continue on to get a feel for what is happening in the real estate market during this haunted time.


If you thought these Fort Collins' landmarks were spooky just looking at them....wait till you get taken underground. This tour runs all year long and is $22 a person. Book Here

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The first cemetery in Denver was Cheeseman Park, and this tour will leave you with chills. Known to have paranormal activity, this tour will scare even the bravest of the group. This tour lasts 1.5 hours and is $25 a person. Book Here

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This picturesque town wasn't always the home to Coors Brewery and School of Mines. It actually used to be the epitome of the Wild, Wild West. In fact, the tour that takes place here is called, "Murder, Mayhem and Madness". Filled with blood curdling stories, this tour has an age restriction of 13 and up. Tickets run $30 per person (with discounts for groups of 10 or more) Book here

Denver and Northern Colorado Market Report

More inventory is the name of the game this last month. With more homes on the market (that are taking longer to sell-17 days rather than 3) now may be the time for buyers to get back out there and actually enjoy the home buying process. Sellers need to start rethinking their expectations, as the market is starting to normalize. 27% of homes sold for LESS than the original list price. Whether this slowing down is the normal cycle of the market slowing during these colder months or due to the recession remains to be seen

Is the state of the market freaking you out?

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